About Redcoat Solutions

Redcoat Solutions, Inc. is a Harrisonburg, Virginia-based company that specializes in developing and commercializing innovative technologies and solutions.

– Coming Soon –
In partnership with SRI International, we have developed the first bed bug detection product on the market that allows a user to know that a room is infested with bed bugs before the obvious signs of infestation are visible. The product is a simple, yet scientifically sophisticated test, that detects what could be understood as the “footprints” of bed bugs. ¬†Other products try to attract bed bugs and capture them — or require a user to locate blood spots or pick-up actual pieces of a bed bug — ours is able to detect the presence of bed bugs without seeing them. The detection device is accurate, disposal, economical, and yields results in minutes.

This product will soon be available to business and consumer users worldwide.